Have you heard?

The What? Film Festival! is a subterranean bacchanal of audio-visual delights. In other words, it’s a weekend of irregular Music and skewed Movies in an unusual atmosphere.

What? Neo-Pangea is looking for films & video shorts that are funny, bizarre, scary, fringe, alternative, underground, cult, whatever, to program in our hare-brained Festival. We are accepting submissions from a liberal range of quality so long as they tickle our neurons.

What? Did we mention that we are looking for a new venue in the Reading, PA area? If you have or know of one, please contact us ASAP.

What? Did we mention that there is NO ENTRY FEE? Just send us your film on DVD, VHS, or MiniDV with a completed Submission Form and it may become part of the What? Film Festival! at a cost of $0 with no strings attached.

What? Sounds good?

Please mail all submissions to:

What? Film Festival!
P.O. Box 646
Shillington , PA 19607-0646

What are the details?

When: TBA
Where: TBA

Why are we doing this?

Touring the Festival circuit, the filmmakers at Neo-Pangea attended an assortment of inspiring, entertaining, and thoroughly nauseating films, and not once did we get paid for it! So we decided this year was all about us. That’s why we are selecting only the most skewed, outrageous, and eruptive films and music for our own little shin-dig. Join us, won’t you?